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- 2010-10-05 -
On 14 October 2010 at 7 p.m. we are playing a club gig with Monkey Grove at Va'banque Club in Piotrkow Trybunalski (ul. Armii Krajowej). Tickets: 10 PLN.

- 2010-08-23 -
It's been a year since last news. But we're fine and still working on the new album. We had a short break to present the new material to the audience at Castle Party 2010. And in September we are going to play a gig at Gotyckie Oblezenie, a live event with Gorthaur, monoLight andSynchropath that will take place on September 18th at 6 p.m. in Srebrna Gora (near Zabkowice Slaskie). Click the banner below for more info:

Daimonion live
- 2009-08-17 -
From 27 to 29 August, Daimonion will play three shows. Click the banners below for more info on each of them:

Daimonion live

Daimonion live

Daimonion live
- 2009-06-15 -
On 4th July 2009 (Saturday) Daimonion is playing a concert in Teatr From Poland (Czestochowa, PL) with Vecordia, Nosferati and Batstab. Dors open at 6:00 pm. Tickets: 8/10 PLN.

- 2009-01-23 -
We have decided to take a little break from the recording routine and have some fresh gig-air. That is why we're playing a show with Closterkeller in Luka Club, Lodz on the 6th of February 2009, 8 p.m. Come over if you have some time.

- 2008-09-02 -
After a year of rehearsals, composing, arranging and messing things up we've finally reached the stage where we are recording the new material clean. We've posted a short audiovisual report on the recording session on our youtube profile (English subtitles are on the way):

- 2008-07-11 -
We have the pleasure to inform you that Daimonion has been (re-)joined by a new/old guitar player - Tomasz Stelmaszek. Tomek used to be a part of Daimonion in the years 1994 - 1996. With two guitarists, Daimonion will enrich its sound, which is especially important now that the band are working on their second full-length release.
The new line-up of Daimonion is playing this Saturday, July 12th at the Alternative Fortress 2008 festival in Kłodzko, along with Deathcamp Project, Digital Factor and Diary Of Dreams. Everyone's invited. More info about the fest: www.twierdza.electro-robot.com

Alternatywna Twierdza 2008
- 2008-06-11 -
This Thursday, RockNET radio is going to present the music of Daimonion during the Fin de Siecle show - start at 10.00 pm - Radio RockNET.
- 2008-05-28 -
Spanish site Mentenebre.com published a review of the FOTN gig in Warsaw, where (according to Google Language Tools :-) Daimonion's performance was praised:
FOTN review @ Mentenebre.com.
And in Poland, Strefagotyku.pl posted their review of the 'Daimonion' album: 'Daimonion' - review at Strefagotyku.pl.
- 2008-04-12 -
The website gothic-family.net, organiser of the Gothic Family Festival, published a review of "Daimonion", available at the following link:
'Daimonion' - review @ gothic-family.net.
Another review of our album can be found at Noise.fi. Since it is written in Finnish, we would like to kindly ask you to help us translate it (at least to English) please. It's here:
'Daimonion' - review @ Noise.fi
Have a nice reading!
- 2008-03-21 -
It was fun on the 15th of March :) For now, it's just a little appetiser. Intense works are in progress on the new gallery with lots of photos from various shows. There will also be new video links in a moment! Stay tuned :)

FotN plus Daimonion
- 2008-03-02 -
Daimonion at Teatr from Poland 2008.03.07
- 2008-02-29 -
New reviews of the "Daimonion" album in the web. The first was published at an Italian portal Erbadellastrega.it:
'Daimonion' review (in Italian)
The other is at a Spanish website Mentenebre.com:
'Daimonion' review (in Spanish)
- 2008-02-12 -
It is a pleasure to inform you that Marcin "Regis" Majewski became Daimonion's manager. Please send all concert and co-operation offers to the new address: daimonion_management@op.pl.

The latest issue of Popup magazine includes three articles related to Daimonion (in Polish):
- interview with z Marcin Gliszczynski
- review of "Daimonion"
- review of "Promo 2007"
- 2008-02-01 -

And another very positive piece of news: on the 15th March Daimonion will play before Fields of the Nephilim at Stodola club in Warsaw during their long-awaited first gig in Poland. It became possible thanks to the efforts from our friends and the organisers. Besides Daimonion, there will be another Polish band supporting FOTN - Tenebris from Lodz. Tickets - also in the exclusive collector's version - are available through www.shortcut.pl.
- 2008-01-24 -
Daimonion was invited to play at the second edition of Creeper Fest in Vilnius (LT), which will take part on 22-23 February 2008. The other bands include: Frank the Baptist (USA), Ausgang (UK), Joy Disaster (France), The Cold (Germany) oraz Bix (Lithuania). Daimonion will be the co-headliner of the first day, before the solo performance by Frank Vollmann. Last year Poland was represented at this fest by Miguel and the Living Dead. You will find more info at the official fest profile: myspace.com/creeperfest

Besides there will be two concerts in Poland. The first at Siodemki club in Lodz, as part of Niezalezne Granie organised by Niezal.org. It will be on 25 February, at 8.00 p.m.

The second show will be in Czestochowa at Teatr From Poland on 7 March.
- 2008-01-01 -
Happy New Year to everyone!

A report from the concert in Piwnica 21 and interview with Marcin Gliszczyński, by a representative of our media supporter Darkplanet.pl - Marcin "Regis" Majewski - were posted on the net.

Moreover, dj Bartlomiey uploaded some videoclips from the recent show at No Mercy (the goth Hard Rock Cafe :-) to YouTube. YOu can watch them here (Trance), here (Darkness) and here (Waiting).
- 2007-12-17 -
One of our meda supporters Radio Ławeczka - has trouble with further operation. It is money as usual. Since we regard them as a great station we join their appeal for help. Here you can find more info on how to help them.
- 2007-12-11 -
Next stop Warsaw :) We'd like to invite everyone to the show at No Mercy club in Warsaw on 29th December 2007. We're starting at 8 pm and then you can practice your dancing skills before the New Year's Eve during the after party.
- 2007-11-26 -
On Apostazja those of you who know a little Polish may read an interview with Marcin Gliszczyński conducted by Tomasz Borowski before the show at Piwnica 21 in Poznan. The link is here.

Whereas Alternation.pl posted the first pictures taken at the show by DVJ Dobermann.
- 2007-11-01 -
On the 23rd of November Daimonion is playing a concert at Piwnica 21, Poznan. Everyone's invited!
- 2007-09-17 -
Good people from the Alternation.pl portal decided to share their opinion on the 'Daimonion' album with the rest of the world. You can read the English version of the review here.
- 2007-09-03 -
Holidays have brought some important changes in Daimonion. Mostly of personal nature. The band returned to the line-up in chich it recorded the album 'Daimonion', which means that Daniel Kruz is the drummer again. The band said goodbye to Gerard Klawe, who played a very important role in reactivating Daimonion. Gero - thank you very much for everything! Another thing is that Arek Sawicki no longer plays the second guitar. Tytus - we would also like to thank you for everything we lived through, created and played together!

Besides, we'd like to invite everyone to the concert Daimonion is going to play on 23 September at 8 PM at the Rock'n'Roll pub i Piotrkow. We are going to celebrate the pub's 10th birthday and promote the 'Daimonion' album.
- 2007-07-15 -
On September 15th 2007, Codeline Records (Germany) releases Dopamin3 - a novelty compilation in the form of a syringe-shaped 512MB USB disc, to be filled with a selection of about 50 songs by various artists. Daimonion's contribution to this compilation is the cover version of 'Here Comes the Rain Again'. The pre-order period started on July 7th - more info available if you click the banner below:

Dopamin3 USB compilation
- 2007-07-14 -
The site is undergoing some face-lifting. If anything looks scrambled hit the 'Refresh' button on your browser.
- 2007-07-01 -
The album 'Daimonion' was also reviewed by Alternativepop.pl - review at Alternativepop.pl.
- 2007-06-30 -
New Daimonion reviews on the web. The first one concerns the self-titled album and was published by our media patron Gothic.pl - link to the review. The second is another review at Artrock.pl. It is about our current DVD+CD promotional package - read here.
- 2007-06-25 -
First reviews of the album are starting to show up in the net. One of them has been posted by Artrock.pl. For those interested who know Polish - this is the link:
Daimonion 'Daimonion' - review at Artrock.pl.
By the way, we would like to ask all those who have got the album to express their opinions in our forum.
Representatives of media who are interested in receiving copies of the album for reviewing, and - in the case of radio DJs, radio discs with alternative edits and bonus tracks, are kindly asked to contact us via e-mail: send a message.
- 2007-06-17 -
Finally! 'Daimonion' is available in most good music stores in Poland - both online and in real-life (merlin.pl, gigant.pl, Media Markt, Empik etc.). You can also order it for worldwide shipment directly from our website: CLICK HERE TO ORDER.
- 2007-06-10 -
You can now vote on "Wiatr", the single promoting the album "Daimonion" in the cult hit chart of Polish Radio 'Trojka'!!! Below is the link which will take you where you can, upon prior registration, vote on this and other songs : Voting on Trojka Hit Chart.
Besides, we uploaded a new song to our MySpace profile - a sampler of all tracks included on the "Daimonion" album.
- 2007-05-31 -
As part of the promotional actions related to the release of "Daimonion", Onet.pl and Interia.pl published a live videoclip of Wiatr - the first single. To watch it choose one of these links: Onet.pl or Interia.pl.
- 2007-05-13 -
For some time you might have seen the banner informing about the reissue of our debut album. The deal is: We have entered into co-operation with a new Polish label, based in Lodz, founded by Maciej Werk (Hedone) and Marcin Tercjak (Radio Lodz). The label is called Love Industry and hopes to restore order in the Polish media and music market which, as the founders say "is defined by rotations, airplays and playlists" and is unfriendly to artists.
Love Industry has included Daimonion in their plans for the current year and on the 15th June 2007, Daimonion's official debut CD, entitled "Daimonion" is going to be released. We tend to call it a re-issue, as when we finished recording it in 2001, we introduced a number of CD-Rs with it into the underground circulation. We dedicate the album to our faithful fans, who kept asking us when we were finally going to release a record.
The cover art and track listing can be found here, in the long-awaited Releases section, and the album will be distributed by EMI Music Poland. Media patronage includes DarkPlanet.pl, gothic.pl and alternativepop.pl. We are working on the way to distribute it internationally. If you are in any way interested in helping us promote our album, writing a review or organising a gig, please do not hesitate to contact us.
- 2007-04-01 -
Finally added some video. Fragments of live shows but not only. Most of them come from the new Promo DVD/CD pack, which is ready to be sent out. Take a look in the 'Multimedia' section!
- 2007-02-18 -
Perhaps the radio starts liking Daimonion. After Kerrang!, several popular internet stations added our music to their playlists, such as Nocturne Radio UK or Shades of Grey, which play gothic rock and similar dark music phenomena. Now it's time for Canada - Vancouver. The CJSF radio station, which can be heard live over the net too if you don'live in British Columbia - cjsf.ca - every Monday ar 5:00 pm Pacific Time (i.e. 8 hour later GMT or 9 hour later in Poland - 2:00 AM) broadcasts a show entitled Dark Waver, about goth, industrial and dark wave. And on this week's show - 19th February Daimonion's music is going to be presented. Have a good listen!
- 2007-01-25 -
As some of you may have noticed, we opened Daimonion's MySpace profile: Daimonion @ Myspace. Of course you are invited to visit us (on a regular basis :-) and include us among your friends. There are links at the bottom of this page to make it easier.
Besides, a DJ from Kerrang!Radio UK got interested in our band. He is a specialist in the dark side of the world - as Fields of the Nephilim and the like. This Sunday at 3:00 at night (that is early for real vampires :-) he is going to present Daimonion on his programme called The Slab. The show will be available for streaming next week at: Daimonion @ Kerrang! Radio UK. The station is hard to listen to outside the UK so if you can't do it - at least let your UK friends know about it!
- 2007-01-01 -
Happy New Year to you all!!
The Forum has finally been open wide waiting to be filled with your voices here.
Besides, Mroczna Strefa has published their interview with Daimonion.
- 2006-12-22 -
First photos from the concert in the Rock'n'roll Pub of 10.12.2006 in the gallery.
Meanwhile, we have locked ourselves from the inside in the AV cellar to cut the tapes for our new promo DVD. Expect some video shots soon to be published on the site!
- 2006-11-26 -
We've begun a very promising co-operation with DarkPlanet.Pl. A seriously recommended portal! You can find an article about Daimonion there.
Added a photo of the audience during the show in Proxima taken by Zeman from the stage.
Newsletter added. Go ahead and sign up.
Fixed Guestbook - now form field descriptions are legible (though still Polish only). Anyway let us know you were here!
Some info added in band history.
- 2006-11-23 -
Kuriozum confirm their performance with Daimonion on December 10.
Guestbook added.
More photos (from the concert of Closterkeller, Via Mistica and Daimonion in Proxima)
New mp3's.
- 2006-11-22 -
We are planning a gig with Kuriozum in our home town on December, 10th 2006. More details to come!.
- 2006-11-21 -
Welcome to our site! Not everything is finished yet, but with time it will be completed and improved. Have a nice time!

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